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EDEN Housing SDA Toolkit

EDEN Housing Toolkit is a resource designed to assist you think about your SDA journey and answer questions such as:

Where am I in my SDA Housing Process?

What is the next step for me in my SDA?

Who can help me to take my next step?

Which supports and support providers do I need?

What is the right professional for me to help me with my housing goals?


EDEN Housing Toolkit is designed to help you understand the issues and concerns around your housing and support and assist you in making decisions about the right housing and support for you.

About EDEN Housing Toolkit:

EDEN Housing Toolkit provides a comprehensive set of conditional questions around your Specialist Disability Housing and Support. 

The toolkit is designed in different sections that provides step-by-step questionnaires and checklists and every particular answer in each section generates further questions. In each level the question list will update automatically depending on your previous answers.


How can I use EDEN Housing Toolkit?


Log in to your EDEN Housing Account and Open EDEN Housing Toolkit.


Answer a few questions about you and your routine, your housing history, needs and preferences.


You will receive a guidance pack to your Specialist Disability Accommodation. This is a personalised comprehensive program which could assist you in your SDA journey.    


Now that you have your SDA Pathway Guidance Pack, it is time for you to decide and choose the best support and support provider and take your next step.




Would you like to know more about EDEN Housing Toolkit?.

What is My SDA Guidance Pack?

EDEN Housing Toolkit provides you with SDA guidance pack which is a personalised program for you and sets you on a path to your SDA.

The pack includes the list of actions that is needed to be done and a comprehensive information on the supports and support providers that could assist you in your Housing and Support pathway. 

You can find other information such as; Reasonable and necessary supports for you to live more independently and the right allied health professionals to work with you.

Is EDEN Housing Toolkit a Housing Application Form?

EDEN Housing Toolkit is not a housing application form; However, it guides you through your housing application forms and assists you to look for suitable housing and support.

You can use the information from this tool in your housing application forms.

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