If you are receiving SDA payments, you may want to use your payments to purchase or build your own home. This means when SDA payment is included in your NDIS plan, you are in control of choosing where to live and how to use your SDA payments.

If you are eligible for SDA, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is giving you more control over your housing and support. It is also offering individualised options that were not previously available.

This provides you with an opportunity to develop your customised house to be specially designed to meet your individualised needs.


For the majority of people with disability, is usually dictated by where their support providers are located and lack of accessible and appropriate housing which could suit their needs has stressed this situation; therefore, EDEN Housing aimed to improve the situation by focusing on options for people receiving NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) payments. One of the options is through EDEN Housing Home Ownership Pathway.

We understand that moving towards home ownership is not without risks and challenges. We simplify the complex process of home ownership through helping participants and their families to reduce unnecessary expenses and remove developers and contractors. We work collaboratively with participants and their families to help them develop and own their own homes.

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EDEN Housing Customised Disability Accommodation Process:

STEP 1. introductions

We start every customised disability housing process with the person who will live in the dwelling. We take the time to get to know you and understand your housing goals. We are passionate about the great outcomes of our introductions.

STEP 2. making decisions

Now that we know your needs and your housing goals, we work closely with you and your family to make decisions on different factors such as your new home location and accessibility level. We also discuss your financing options.

STep 3. confirmations

At this step we finalise all details on property design, financing and construction and we ensure the new home is functional and is compliant with your Housing Plan. All you need now is a simple agreement with EDEN Ability.

Step 4. consultations

EDEN Housing does all of the organising. You are kept informed of the process and consulted throughout the development to ensure you are happy with everything. We simplify the complex process of home ownership we remove all the barriers.

step 5. transition

We work closely with your family and your support workers to ensure the transition to the new home is well planned and supported. We work collaboratively with you and your disability service providers and the professional partners at this stage.

step 6. move to your new home!

We manage the development process from start to finish and ensure it is completed on time. Now that you have your own customised home ready to move and you are prepared to live more independently, you can start moving to your new home.

EDEN Customised Housing

We take pride in our ability to deliver purpose-built personalised homes to meet each individual’s needs    

EDEN Housing as the Communicator:

EDEN Housing has a team of highly experienced professionals in the development, construction, financing and NDIS space. We constantly communicate with participants, service providers and professional partners to ensure that each of the properties are designed and built to achieve excellence in creating a new home to best suit the need of participants.

From the very beginning of studying your Housing Preference and discussing possibilities of moving toward Home Ownership to relocating to your new home, we provide you with a pathway to simplify this process; therefore ,EDEN Housing has developed a collaboration tool to provide a total administration
solution to clarify the process of developing your own customised housing and moving toward Home Ownership.

EDEN Housing collaboration tool provides a suite of services which includes:

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-Ownership options
-Development Options
-SIL Approach
-AHP Housing Plan Compliance
-Accessibility Level
-Individualised Needs -Practical Features of Smart Plan; see EDEN Signature Housing


-Site investigation
-Development Approvals -Detailed Smart Building Design –LHA Standard Compliance –Construction -Platinum Plus Development –Dwelling Enrolment –LHA Assessments –Organise Building Insurance


-Financial Modelling
-Home Loans for Participants
-Investment Loans for families
-Determine Financial literacy level
-Investigate Partnership Options
-Approach Financial Institutions
-Loan Pre-Approvals
-Organise Loan Repayment -Protection Insurance


-Platinum Plus Orientation
-Removalist Coordination
-Transitional Support
-Smart Home Training
-Home Safety Training
-Community Access Guide
-Transportation Guide -Claim SDA Payments

EDEN Housing as the Facilitator:

When it comes to purchasing a suitable home or partnering with investors to ease achieving home ownership goals, EDEN Housing is a key link between the property owners, investors and the participants. 

EDEN Housing has developed a networking package which works constructively with Participants and their families and all relevant Specialists to best meet the expressed needs and preferences of participants. 

EDEN Housing acts as co-ordinating body and brings together a diverse group of experienced professionals and stakeholders including:

Support providers
SDA Package


We don’t see any reason people with disability should have less choice and aspiration to enjoy the benefits of home ownership than the rest of the population. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and the lack of specialist accommodation could be a barrier to independence.

We believe the Disability Accommodation should be specifically designed to meet individual needs; therefore, we work with participants and their family to create their own customised accommodations. 

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We take time to understand participants individualised needs. While we promote quality to achieve Excellence and Innovation.

We have a Tenancy Matching System which enables Participants to choose who to live with.

We ensure participants Choice and Control is the main consideration and enables them to govern their own home

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