EDEN Housing:

About SDA

About SDA explains what is SDA and what are SDA Design Categories and SDA Building Types. The guide has diverse Q&As on SDA and answers to your questions such as how SDA payments works. You can access to EDEN Housing different resources and toolkits based on what stage are you in your SDA process.

SDA Eligibility Test

EDEN SDA Eligibility Test is designed to help you learn SDA Eligibility Criteria and how to develop your Housing goals. It also provides guidance about how to choose the right support coordinator and allied health professional who could assist you in your SDA application and preparation of your Housing Plan and evidence.

SDA Pathway

Eden SDA Pathway is talking about SDA Application Process. It also explains in detail who can help you in your SDA journey and what documents do you need to get SDA funding in your plan. You can access EDEN Housing Preferences Tool and Eden Housing Plan Guide in this page and Q&A on how to achieve your SDA goals.

EDEN Housing SDA Toolkit

Eden Housing SDA toolkit allows you to work through your SDA. It asks about your Housing preferences and history and based on your answers it will guide you to understand where are you in your SDA process and what will be the next step for you. This tool will provide to links that will help you to take the right action.

EDEN Signature Housing

It talks about EDEN SDA goals and explains what makes us distinguished in among SDA providers. You can find more detailed information on our Signature Housings and what is included in our Platinum Plus Approach that makes our properties to exceed the LHA Platinum Build Standard.

SDA Ownership

Have you ever considered that home ownership may be an option for you if you are receiving SDA payments. EDEN pathway to home ownership for SDA participants outlines the steps and requirements involved in using SDA payments to purchase or build your own property designed specially to meet your needs and taste.

EDEN Housing SDA Vacancies

Eden Housing manages a range of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) properties, in various locations throughout the western Sydney and other areas in NSW. All EDEN Housing SDA vacancies are listed in this section for which applications are open now. you can also register in our Tenancy Matching Service and join our Waitlist to be the first to hear about our vacancies.