SDA Pathway

Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health professionals play a critical role in helping you access appropriate housing in the NDIS. The NDIA relies on the advice and professional judgement of your allied health practitioners to determine whether you receive funding for Specialist Disability Accommodation, and the type and level of this funding.

Allied health professionals include:

                Occupational therapists

                Speech pathologists

                Behaviour Therapist



                Acquired brain injury specialists

                Disability specialists

                Social workers


                Rehabilitation counsellors

These assessments provide NDIS with detailed information about your physical, cognitive and functional support needs. These assessments will help you best understand what supports and how they can improve your independence.

The NDIS may provide up to 50 hours of allied health capacity building funding for assessments to evaluate your housing related goals and support needs, as well as consideration of life transition and skill development plans.

Housing Support Coordinator

Your housing support coordinator is a person who works with you to define your housing preferences and write your Housing Plan.

Your support coordinator also helps you to find suitable allied health professionals to assess your housing and support needs and works closely with them.

The NDIS may provide up to 75 hours of support coordination to assist you to look for appropriate housing and write your Housing Plan.

SDA Provider

SDA providers and investors looking to develop quality housing to maximise the independence of participants. SDA providers develop high quality housing options for participants with high and complex needs.

When a participant moves into a dwelling that has been enrolled as SDA, the SDA Provider then claim against that participant’s NDIS SDA funding.

Housing Plan

Your Housing Plan provides the NDIS with evidence of your housing goals and preferences, and your assessed housing needs.

Support Coordinators and Allied Health Professionals collaborate on developing your Housing Plans for NDIS participants. Housing Plans rely on Allied Health Assessments and reports to support you pursue your housing goals. The Housing Plan provides the NDIA with evidence-based recommendations for the appropriate supports required for you and your housing goals.

Allied Health Assessments

Allied Health Professional assessments provide evidence to the NDIS of the personal supports, home modifications or housing design features required to support your independence and help you access appropriate housing.

Housing Preferences

This is the first step to develop your housing goals and achieve SDA in your plan. Your Housing Preferences provides your support coordinators and allied health professionals with critical information on the impact of your disability in your functional capacity and support needs. EDEN Housing Preferences could assist you to articulate and achieve your housing goals.

See Eden Housing Preferences Tool 

SDA Application Process

Capacity building funding to explore your housing options enables you to work with your support coordinator and allied health professionals to write a Housing Plan. If you get capacity building funding in your NDIS Plan to search for housing, it may be in two separate sections:

1. Support coordination which allows you to work with your support coordinator to look at your housing options and develop your housing plan.

2. Allied health assessments which allows you to work with allied health professionals to assess your housing and support needs.

Capacity building funding to explore your
housing options may be described in different ways in your NDIS Plan, it might
be described as one of the bellow;

1.Exploring Housing Options Package,

2.Exploring Your Housing Options,

3.Investigating Your Housing Solutions, or something similar. 

– SDA Eligibility Criteria for example Extreme functional impairment or very high support needs.

– Participant Current supports and pathways.

– Support model recommendation for participant.

– SDA design category and building type. 

– Skill development plan if required.

– Life transition plan if required.

– Support plan for your preferred housing optionif required.

– Preferred SDA provider or dwelling

Support Coordinators could assist you with:

– Clarifying your need for SDA, the appropriate SDA type and location,

– Ascertaining the availability of the appropriate SDA type at the appropriate location,

– Considering other supports such as assistance with daily living or supports that assist you to develop independent living skills.


– Negotiating, entering into or managing your service agreements with a registered provider in relation to SDA or moving into a dwelling.

The NDIS allows you to specify one or both of the following in your Housing Plan:

– Which registered provider is to provide SDA funded for you.

– The SDA dwelling that will be funded for you.   

A Housing Plan is a document that is prepared by your support coordinator to help the NDIS understand your housing needs.

It includes information about:

Your housing goals

Your community participation, hobbies and work

Your current and previous housing arrangements

Outcome of your search for mainstream housing

Your disability,

Your allied health professional assessments and reports

Support Coordinators could assist you with preparing Housing Plan. However, you can write your Housing Plan on your own, or with help from your family.

If the NDIS has not provided you with the funding for support coordination and you want to write your Housing Plan on your own, EDEN Housing Preferences Tool could help you with understanding your housing needs and developing your housing goals. 

  • Whether you want to test your eligibility for Specialist Disability Accommodation funding or you are looking to develop a Housing Plan on behalf of a person with disability, EDEN Housing Plan guide could provide you information on what to include in your plan and to achieve the best possible outcome for your SDA application. 

EDEN Housing Tool is the first step in your SDA Pathway. It provides you and your Support Coordinator with essential information which will lead you to identify your housing needs and helps you with preparing your Housing Plan. It includes information about your disability and your housing solutions.

EDEN Housing Preferences help you to tell your story think about:

What type of housing you would like to live in?

Where you would like to live?

Who you would like to live with?

And to work out your housing goals. It also helps you and your Support Coordinator with your SDA accommodation and tenancy matching services.

EDEN Housing could assist you if you are looking to:

       Specific EDEN Housing Accommodation

       Renting SDA property

       Purchasing your own SDA Property

       Building your own SDA and customising your new home to meet your individual needs

       Test your Eligibility for SDA Link

       Undertake SDA Eligibility Assessments

       Develop your Housing Preferences

       Prepare your Housing Plan

       Submitting your SDA Application

       Developing you Knowledge around SDA

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