EDEN Community Service Packs:

EDEN Independence Community Service Packs offer a wide selection of quality activities, support and training to assist you to learn new skills as well as find new friends. We encourage you in making your own choices among a range of programs that can best suit your individual needs.

EDEN Community Packs focus on your individual needs and goals to ensure your independence is increased and you are better connected within your community. These programs aim to develop your skills, increase your knowledge, confidence and improve your recreation and inclusion.

Our dedicated, trained staff make every effort to provide you with the best opportunity and support in these programs to help you achieve your dreams.

EDEN Community Service Packs are Categorised in 4 Main Groups:

Community Based Activities

Provide supports to connect you with the community and enable you to become a confident and contributing member of the community.

  • – Visiting the library
  • – Joining a social club/group 
  • – Going shopping
  • – Attending appointments
  • – Daily activity programs
  • – Learning to cook foods
  • -Community programs like gardening/volunteering
  • – Going to the bank and paying bills

Outdoor Activities

  •       –       Visits to different local parks and train travels

           Going swimming and learning safety skills

           Going out for shopping

           Eating out and meeting friends

           Enjoying Night life, Dance and Music

           Going to the gym and playing sports

           Days out at the beach/entertainment parks

           Social outings and gatherings

           Golf, gym classes or bowling

           Tea outings or Barbecues

Centre Based Activities

Provide supports to connect you with the community and enable you to become a confident and contributing member of the community.


           Arts and crafts like jewellery making, printing

           Book club and story writing

           Board games and puzzles

           Sewing activities

           Cooking and home skills

           Language, literacy and numeracy resources

           Digital Technology and computers

Entertainment Outings



           Visits to galleries, museums and exhibitions

           Participating in art classes

           Going to the cinema

           Attending sporting events

           Attending Recreation activities and events

           Attending festivals and events

           Going to local events and concerts

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EDEN Community Service Packs Outcomes:

Whatever your passion and goals may be, we can work with you to develop your interests and support you to develop new skills. We have a wide and varied range of activities on offer that can help you develop skills including:

Friendship Skills
Travel Training
Smart Home Training
Meetings and Greetings
Choosing Clothes
Road Safety
Life Skills
Communication Skills
Problem-solving Skills
Self-awareness Skills
Social Skills
Health & Wellbeing Skills
Food Safety
Choosing Ingredients
Planning a Menu
Cooking Skills
Water Safety
Money Recognition
Using Public Transport

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