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EDEN Shared Supported Accommodation:

EDEN Independence provides a selection of Supported Independent Shared Houses for Groups of two or more. Our Shared Supported Arrangements are designed to support participants as they develop their independence and engage in a variety of daily programs and participate in social and recreational activities.

At EDEN shared supported homes whilst your choices and privacy are respected, we ensure you are feeling safe and happy and having access to the best quality support available within the disability sector.

At EDEN shared homes, we go beyond to ensure you feel living in a place that you can call home and the independence and confidence you were expecting are achieved.

EDEN Shared Supported Accommodation Approach:

As a Navigator

Our expertise is used to match you with the right people who are of a similar age and have similar interests to ensure the best long-term fit for you.

As a Supporter

Our experienced staff support you with regular and planned activities and encourage you to become a part of community whilst retaining your independence.

As a Match Maker

Our group homes are built and designed to meet different levels of disability support needs. We’ll match you with the right Accommodations and the ideal Homes to ensure a constructive environment for you.

EDEN Group Homes are filled with care, friendship
and respect

EDEN Shared Supported Homes Features:

Take a moment and think about;

– What Home features do you like to have in your future accommodation?

– Which daily activities do you enjoy most?

– What kind of support do you need in your daily life?

Based on what you’re looking for, what kind of environment makes you happier and who do you like to spend your time with, we’ll match you to the best accommodation that meets your needs. We’ll make the process of choosing and moving to a new home easier for you.

Do you have a friend or a group of friends that you want to live with, let us know and we’ll make it happen.


Smart Homes
Modern and Deluxe
Open Plan Designs
Accessible Homes
Built-In Wardrobes
Entertainment Space
Easy Access Locations
Gardening Space
Secure Doors
Separated Living Space
Good Lighting
Air Conditioning
Safe Neighbourhood
Close to Community Centres
24/7 Support


Personal Care
Meal Plans
Communication Needs
Skill Building
Independence and Confidence Building
Wheelchair and Mobility Support
Challenging Behaviour
Mental Health
Intellectual Disability
Behaviour Support
Diabetes Management
AHP Communication
Choking Risks
Skill Development
Caring and Supportive


Shared Household Chores and Tasks
Social Outings with Housemates
Cooking and Preparing Meals
BBQs with Family and Friends
Watching Movies & Listening to Musics
Social and Recreational Activities
Visiting Local Clubs, Cafes and Shopping Centres
Participating in Local Community Centre Programs
Visiting Local Parks, Beaches and Restaurants
Participating in Creative Projects in Art Studios

I want to live Here! Where do I Start?


Click the bellow button to start filling the expression of interest form. This helps us ensure we get the right home for you as fast as possible.


We take the time to understand your individual needs and once a home that meets your criteria becomes available EDEN Independence will contact you.


It is the time to start living in your desired home now. EDEN housing will work with you, your family and your carers to have smooth transition to your new Home.

To apply for EDEN Supported Shared Accommodation, you are required to have SIL funding in your NDIS plan.

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